Xangol is a Transchiro that works amongst the Watcheyes of Chiropterria. He tends to scout over the overhead of Avalon in search of Crazed Chiros and later, the tainted.

General information
Class Watcheye
Primary Weapon Altered Phainca
Race Chiro (Previously Human)
Auretic colour ef742a
Element Incendiary
Auretic tier Byte
Age 26
Planet of origin Earth
Physical attributes
Height 234.5 cm

Background Edit

Xangol was originally a human being by the name of Daniel, his name was later mispronouced by Hiiragi, which eventually birthed his 'Chiro' name: "Xangol". Daniel spent a lot of his time with his family on Earth, mostly looking for work and doing chores around the house.

UMX Prison Edit

One December, on the coming days to Christmas, a Chiro invasion had occured on Earth. Multiple people were abducted and sent to UMX, a Chiropterrian prison for humans, Daniel was one of them. Daniel was put in a high priority cell, which gave him luxuries ahead of the other prisoners but despite the strangely comforting environment, Daniel was desperate to escape and go back home. During his time in UMX, he befriends a quiet and insecure girl by the name of Samantha Rogers who agrees to help him find an exit.

Samantha notes, on a few occasions, that there are rumours of the Chiros experimenting on the humans that they've captured in attempt to 'fix' them. The experiments made a lot of the subjects aggressive.

As Daniel was being injected, UMX was breached by the rebellious group, known as XRX. This event was unknown to Daniel as he was unconscious from the experiment. He later came to, only to find that UMX had been completely ravaged and cleared of both Chiros and humans. After some exploration, he finds Samantha and eventually escapes. Upon realizing that there is no way back to Earth, the substance that was injected into him caused Daniel to become unaturally agressive, causing him to punch his oxygen mask in a fit of rage, exposing him to the Chiropterrian air, which is fatally toxic to humans. At this point, Samantha had given up on herself and ultimately gives her mask to Daniel, sacrificing her own life to save his. Upon Samantha's death, Dan encounters Hiiragi, the Chiro that would soon save him from the devastating after effects of the injection by offering the opportunity to become a Chiro.

Life as a Watcheye Edit

Daniel made the decision to change his name to Xangol (Xan meaning 'amongst the shadows' and Gol meaning 'well cooked'). His co-workers call him 'Stealthy Toaster' as a joke of this. Xan was offered a job as a watcheye where he would keep a close eye on the city of Avalon for any unusual behaviour that may suggest the presence of Celestial or Labaredian spies. Xan patrols from the rooftops of the city, whereas his partner, Quiinx, works in the alleyways.

Appearance Edit

Xangol is a very tall Quoitani/Peccora cross (derived from the genetics of Hiiragi). He has pale blue skin, suggesting that he was transformed in the Chiropterrian month of Uom. He has tassled, messy flame hair that sits at shoulder length as well as crossed shaped pupils, very long claws and deer spot and octopus ring markings on his back, much like Hiiragi.

Xangol wears a long, dark blue trench coat with orange lining; the collar sits high, covering his neck. He also wears an oversized, wide brim hat.


Xangol is a rather quiet, constantly tired, down to earth and melancholy individual who often struggles to stand up for himself. Xangol rarely gets angry and when he does, it's generally from the chiro hormones. Xan's lack of confidence often induces mixing of words, and constant apologising. Despite that Xan is incredibly caring and loving for his friends and family and has a hidden cheeky and playful nature to him.

Auretic Ability Edit

Unique personality: Edit

  • Sorrowful Realist: If all of the members of your team are down, you trade %40 of your damage and speed for %40 elemental resistance and health regen

Unique ability: Edit

  • Silent shadow: Whenever you crouch and remain still in a shadow area you becomes stealthed and gain superior perception
  • Watcheye of the dwellga'ier: you can perform a double lunge in mid air

Unique weapons: Edit

  • Xangol’s Phancia: Lunging at an enemy from behind has a chance to deal a 3x crit
  • Xangol’s pistol: if you shoot in a double lunge and hit a crit, it may deal burst-fire damage
  • Xangol’s Soath: You have a bird, that has a 20% chance to echo the damage of the last attack you applied, to the current target that it’s attacking.

Unique armour: Edit

  • Xangol’s hat: You are more charismatic to chiros, who cannot take you seriously because of this stupid hat, therefore, all chiros deal %5 less damage
  • Xangol's armour set: Burn D.O.T does not apply to you