XRX, the faction founded by the chiro Hiiragi in a movement against the previous emperor of chiropterria. Most members are Chiro, but the faction itself is open to members of other species so there is a great variation of people within its ranks. 'XRX' translates to 'freedom' in the chiro language.

History Edit

XRX began as a gang founded by Hiiragi and fellow chiro, Akarui in response to the awful treatment of half blooded chiros and the general attitude of the emperor at the time. eventually Hiiragi became empress and XRX became a major military function based mainly on the planet chiropterria.

Style Edit

Having been founded in Chiropterria, it has adapted the style of the chiro. armour is generally black, white or dark grey with aura coloured higlights.

Characters Edit


  • Akarui
  • Celeste
  • Hiiragi
  • Quiinx
  • Vavrax
  • Xangol
  • Zekraviax