"The Hazards" is an interactive story created by Tumblr user Hiiragi Wasabi. The story allows for individuals to actively role-play with their own personal characters or share their thoughts and opinions in certain parts of the story. These ideas later shape how the story takes place for the protagonists.

History Edit

The Hazards spawned from the old concepts of the "Cypher Recode" universe, where five tumblr users came together with ambitions to tell a story. Hiiragi thought up the idea of the five characters (based off the admins) possessing some unique elemental ability. These beings were later known as the five elemental glyphs. As time passed and the admins went their seperate ways, Hiiragi created a world called "Chiropterria", based off the old concept of the five individual elements. Veteran and Admin, Eps (mwolf0epsilon), contributed her ideas of a corresponding realm called "Labaredia" and the two started developing what would be the new world called "The Hazards"

Plot Edit

For a long while, the US government had kept a secret trade route with the Chiropterrian Empire. The trade was simple. Natural resources that the Earth brought for blueprints and technology. After the Chiropterrian government changed leaders to a greedy, sadistic Chiro known as Crylow, the people who organised the trade felt threatened by the sudden demand in increased quantities. This resulted in the trade being cancelled. Crylow, who did not approve of this, warned Earth that if they didn't continue the trade, he would attack their planet. The refusal lead to the abduction of certain individuals and urban destruction of some cities in the world (Glasgow, Scotland - Tennesse, USA - and Tokyo, Japan included). The Earth's citizens pleaded for the Chiros to stop and continued the trade, at the cost of the resources later becoming more and more scarce. After several tens of thousands of years, the Earth's resources were already consumed, so much that it exhausted the planet almost entirely of precious metals, plants, animals and minerals. This made ecosystems unstable and collapse. Earth was slowly becoming more uninhabitable and the lack of auretic energy made by plants and minerals started to corrupt, causing taint to spawn. Some humans took to the stars in hopes of finding another planet to live on. Other humans that could not afford the luxury of space travel remained on the dying Earth, seeking ways to fix the mess that both the Chiros and Humans had started.

After a thousand years, the Earth was far beyond repair and the taint became thicker. The Earth slowly began to fall apart. The Legend is, that the five glyphs could restore the planet and drive off the taint for good.

List of Arcs Edit

The story Umbrellas a series of Arcs.

Earth Arc (Yellow Chapter) Edit

  • Prologue: There is hope
  • Xangol's story: Prisoner of War
  • The Exhaustion
  • The Flood
  • The Dehydration

Chiropterria Arc (Green Chapter) Edit

  • The Trade
  • Crylow's Reign
  • The Rebellion
  • Dusk
  • Quiinx's Story: Dawn

Labaredian Arc (Orange Chapter) Edit

  • Save the Queen
  • When Chiros Attack
  • Epsilon's story: Creator verses Creation
  • Into the unknown

Celestial Arc (Purple Chapter) Edit

  • Take to the stars
  • A better future
  • A place to call home
  • The Purge
  • When Angels Cry
  • We will have our revenge

Frostine Arc (Blue Chapter) Edit

  • The Extinction
  • Chronos
  • Time's End
  • Frostine

Main Arc Edit

  • Gaia
  • An unexpected surprise
  • Heaven's Door
  • The hunt for the blue Key
  • The Dragon
  • The Hazards

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