Sylvester is a Felix and leader of the gang known as 'The Clubs'. His character was based on Hiiragi's friend's cat, Puddy. He's often depicted as a Mafia boss with a gruff, deep voice and an American-Italian accent (Brooklyn style).

Sylvester 'Puddy' Pudezzi
General information
Class Brawler
Primary Weapon Baseball bat
Race Felix
Auretic colour e0e597
Element Explosive
Auretic tier Bit
Age 49
Law The Clubs
Planet of origin Earth
Physical attributes
Height 175.26 cm
Weight 102 Kg

Background Edit

Born in Alcázar del Gatos, Puddy had a decent upbringing and was very spoilt for most of his life. He used his wealth to convince other Felix to help him form his gang, 'The Clubs', in which he would maintain the position of boss through the span of their activity. After the loss of his parents, Puddy inherited their wealth and all properties under their names. At this point, he became the second richest citizen in Alcázar del Gatos, having more money than he could spend. This caused him to be very bored with his life and in his boredom, decided to form his gang, first recruit being his adopted brother, Zippy.

Appearance Edit