General information
Class Baphomet
Primary Weapon XRX Mini Blaster
Race Chiro
Auretic colour Unknown
Element Baphomet
Auretic tier Unknown
Age Unknown
Planet of origin Earth
Physical attributes





Hazard DND:

Baphomet: Rain can stabilize Tar matter and tar matter creatures for 3 turns, making them targetable.

LEVEL 3: Banish Tar matter on an ally as the cost of a spell slot.

LEVEL 6: Roll a d6 upon defeating a large or legendary, Tar matter monster-

1. Vita- gain +1 cha
2. Terra- gain +1 con
3. Ignis- gain + 1 str
4. Aer- gain + 1 dex
5. Aqua - gain +1 wis
6. Baphomet- gain + 1 int or pick any other element

LEVEL 9: Change a Tar matter creatures attuned element.

LEVEL 15: For 3 turns, you can also change an allies element, giving them elemental resistance. You can target Tar matter creatures reguardless of if they're grey matter or not.

LEVEL 20: upon defeating any tar matter creature, no matter the size, you can roll the d6 and gain the respective bonus.

Every 5 levels after: Roll bonuses increase by +2

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