Quiinx is a small chiro that works amongst the Watcheyes of Chiropterria. She tends to scout the understreets of Avalon in search of crime, crazed and tainted.

General information
Class Watcheye
Primary Weapon Whip Blade
Race Chiro
Auretic colour Lime
Element Auretic
Auretic tier Byte
Age 11,608
Planet of origin Chiropterria
Physical attributes
Height 176 cm
Weight 74 Kg

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Before XRX Edit

Quiinx was born from a Lupinate father and a Yixen mother, but was casted out of her home around 4 Chiro years after her birth due to Crylow's rules and regulations of mix breed Chiros. Quiinx never really got to learn Human English or much Chiropterrian due to not being able to go to school so many chiros struggle to understand her. She lived her life on the lower streets in the alleys, too afraid to go any higher. Hungry street Chiros alike would often try to fight her in hopes of a meal but Quiinx always stood her ground. One day, the street Chiros focus their attention to an unsuspecting Xangol which Quiinx saves. Greatful for her efforts to save Xangol's life, Hiiragi offers Quiinx a job with Xan as a Watcheye.

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