Purrl is a character based off of Purrlstar, a friendly contributor to the community, created by Hiiragi Wasabi. Purrl herself is one of the sub-main characters in the story and is siblings with Lucky. She spends most of her time by herself, but pops in often to check up on her friends, She is usually the one who steps in to help out in critical situations.

Purrl Alynstar
General information
Primary Weapon
Race Felix
Auretic colour
Element Electric
Auretic tier
Planet of origin Earth, The Oasis
Physical attributes

Background Edit

Purrl was born in a litter of 4, and grew up in a small sanctuary somewhere outside of the Alcázar del Gatos known by most as The Oasis.

Many Felix lived there at the time, and once she and her siblings reached 12 years of age, the first attack from the Celestials arrived. They found The Oasis and immediately began their cleansing process, capturing and killing every Felix they could.

The siblings were no exception, however because of their small size, sharp claws, and quick wit, Purrl was able to devise a plan to escape. She helped her brother Lucky get away with barely enough time. Unfortunately it was too dangerous to rescue all of her litter-mates, and two had to be left behind. It is unknown if they somehow survived, but highly unlikely.

Once the two had successfully made their way out of the Celestials Ship, they ended up back on earth in a treacherous filth of tainted land that they had never set paw in before. There was no safe source of food or water, and the infected creatures roamed free. Here they learned self defense, and spent a lot of time practicing and honing their skills in order to survive in this harsh environment.

Several years later, they run up on the Alcázar del Gatos while searching for The Oasis. They arrive during an attack from the tainted creatures, and swoop in to aid the Felix stationed there. Impressed by their excellent performance, they are asked to join forces with the others. The siblings graciously accept.

Once they reach young adulthood Purrl and Lucky are introduced to a resource searching group, they provide their talents finding and hunting places where there are still untainted necessities.

It doesn't take long before they both are officially recognized killers among the remaining Felix community. They are hired by the Clubs to assassinate a Wolfric menace and a particularly troublesome gang of Detos for stealing and other heinous crimes.

Appearance Edit

Purrl is a lithe Felix with medium length Grey-brown hair that fades to pink on the ends. She is tan from the intense heat of barren Earth and her skin is laced with freckles and patches of darker skin across her face between her eyes, and on her limbs. She keeps her claws sharp, and her wits sharper. She has several minor scars across her shoulders. her attire is based off arabic culture, generally wearing a scarf around her face to protect her from the sand and dust, and loose clothing.

Personality Edit

Purrl is often cheeky, witty and playful but has a stern critical side to her. Whenever her brother, Lucky, makes a mistake or almost gets himself killed, Purrl is generally the one to say "I told you so". Purrl's sense of self-reflectivity can be damamging at times to herself, as when she makes a small slip-up she criticises herself so much she'll sit and think about it for hours before trying to correct her mistake. Lucky claims that Purrl was the most spoilt out of the litter, which may be why she is laced with 'family jewels'- that including rare pearls in which inspired her name.

Abilities Edit

Purrl knows very limited electric manipulation techniques. This can be shown when she uses her throwing stars- a trail of electricity often trails behind them.