Below is a list of all the characters in the Hazards universe and game in alphabetical order

List of Hazards characters Edit

Akarui Chiro Terra XRX Guardian/Engineer
Amakara Chiro ? UMX Engineer/Medic
Angel Celestial Aer GLYPH Guardian/Warrior
Audrey Frostine Aqua TE Aureticist/Marksman
Aujay Chiro Vita GG Engineer/Marksman
Benaal Labredian Ignis OO Marksman/Guardian
Billy Robot Vita OO Aureticist/Marksman
Braden Human Chaos UMX Aureticist/Medic
Brighten Felix Aqua HD Medic/Guardian
Cal Chiro Terra XRX Aureticist/Medic
Celeste Celestial Aer XRX Spy/Aureticist
Chronos Frostine Aqua GLYPH Aureticist/Medic
Clover Detoling Vita TE Aureticist/Warrior
Crylow Chiro Aqua UMX Marksman/Aureticist
Daniel Human Ignis UMX Marksman/Warrior
Eps Robot Ignis OO Aureticist/Medic
Ezekial Frostine Terra XRX Medic/Marksman
Fern Frostine Vita HD Aureticist/Medic
Goreng Detoling Terra GLYPH Marksman/Warrior
Hazel Detoling Ignis XRX Bard/Aureticist
Helix Felix Aer ADG Medic/Engineer
Hiiragi Chiro Vita GLYPH Marksman/Medic
Javier Felix Vita ADG Warrior/Aureticist
Johnathan Celestial Aer HD Medic/Aureticist
Kiiro Detoling Aer TE Marksman/Warrior
Lox Frostine Aqua XRX Medic/Guardian
Lucky Felix Terra XRX Bard/Warrior
Lucius Frostine Aqua TE Spy/Marksman
Lula Labaredian Aer TE Spy/Engineer
Merlin Felix Vita ADG Aureticist/Medic
Miko Felix Aer ADG Warrior/guardian
Odeav Labaredian Ignis OO Warrior/Spy
Patches Felix Ignis OO Guardian/Spy
Purrl Felix Aer XRX Spy/Medic
Quiinx Chiro Vita XRX Spy/Guardian
Rainbra Chiro Baphomet XRX Marksman/Aureticist
Reid Detoling Aer OO Marksman/Engineer
Rize Detoling Ignis GG Marksman/Aureticist
Sam Human Terra UMX Marksman/Warrior
Squallace Detoling Vita XRX Bard/Medic
Sven Frostine Terra GG Engineer/Marksman
Sylvester Felix Vita ADG Warrior/Guardian
Trix Chiro Ignis XRX Aureticist/Medic
Twitch Detoling Aer GG Guardian/Aureticist
Vavrax Chiro Vita XRX Aureticist/Warrior
Volkerne Chiro Vita XRX Bard/Aureticist
Wren Celestial Terra XRX Warrior/Guardian
Xangol Chiro Ignis XRX Warrior/Spy
X Wolfric Chaos XRX Spy/Aureticist
Y Wolfric Terra XRX Spy/Aureticist
Z Wolfric Terra XRX Spy/Aureticist
Zarya Detoling Aqua OO Warrior/Medic
Zelc Chiro Aqua XRX Warrior/Aureticist
Zul Labaredian Ignis GLYPH Engineer/Aureticist

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