Hiiragi is one of the five main protagonists of the Main Arc of The Hazards. She is a Character owned by Hiiragi Wasabi, the original creator to the Hazards universe. Hiiragi is accomplished in many areas. She is the Successor to the Chiropterrian throne, leader of the XRX and the Green Glyph. However Hiiragi is often displayed as a rather evil character despite her successes.

General information
Class Marksman/Aureticist
Primary Weapon Chiropterrian Bow
Race Chiro
Auretic colour 12ff0c
Element Corrosive
Auretic tier Glyph
Age 33
Planet of origin Chiropterria
Physical attributes
Height 185 cm
Weight 73 Kg

Background Edit

Hiiragi was born in a litter of 4 with her brothers and sisters. Her Mother was Peccoran and her Father was Quoitani. Her Family was generic and average, she would go to school and study Human language as well as Auretic Physics. When she was about 4 Chiropterrian years old, Crylow had overthrown the original Empress of Chiropterria, and put a new law in, resulting in a drastic shift in the Chiro hierarchy. Crylow believed that cross breeds of Chiros were prone to auretic corruption, and decided that those worthy of work were those who were not prone to it. This rendered all the Chiros that were mix-breed to live on the streets. When Crylow's Guards started patrolling for breed tests, Hiiragi's Mother took Hiiragi and her siblings to Peccora to hide with an Elder Jurassic Chiro called Kooruma. Kooruma, taught Hiiragi and her brother's and sisters how to hunt and defend themselves and Hiiragi learned how to use a bow skillfully. When Hiiragi grew to six Chiropterrian years, she left Peccora to return to Avalon, only to find that most of the lower parts of the city were in a state of anarchy, killing each other over scraps of food. Hiiragi found Akarui and together, they decided to take back lower Avaxion and try to rally the casted out community. Her attempts weren't in vain. Hiiragi gained a loyal following of Chiros and formed a gang called "XRX" which translates from Chiro to "Freedom". XRX became one of the largest and influential gangs in the city that they decided to train underground in order to stage a coup against Crylow and his regime.

A few years later Hiiragi captured important government owned areas such as the Crystal Plant and a Human prison, slowly gaining and training more of her crew for a the upcoming conflicts.

Hiiragi and Akarui fought their way to the parliament house of Avaxion, only to face Crylow. At this time, a rift to Ke had opened. Hiiragi pushed Crylow into the time space rift, and claimed the Chiropterrian throne for herself.

Appearance Edit

Hiiragi is a average sized Quoitani/ Peccoran cross Chiro born Late Col. Her skin is a murky lime colour and she has short messy cherry pink hair that is generally spiked or puffed up at the back, cross shaped pupils and very large, long claws. Her markings consist of deer spots and squares, mostly on her back, typical of a Quotani. Hiiragi wears a chest armor plate decorated with the Chiropterrian Emblem, baggy pink pants and a long black cape with glowing green patterns on it.

Personality Edit

Hiiragi tends to shift from caring and wise too apathetic and cruel at times. She lacks any real ability to sympathize as a result of kicking out emotions to store additional auretic format. Though she is highly intelligent, Hiiragi's lack of care towards certain things often results in reckless and headstrong behavior. This tends to confuse the other Glyphs at times.

Abilities Edit

Hiiragi is a green segment glyph who understands how to shift Auretic energy without losing format. This means she can take in memories of other people at the cost of her own memories and emotions to keep it. Despite her impressive Auretic ability, Hiiragi is pathetic in physical combat, often having a disadvantage in a brawl.

Natural poison Edit

Hiiragi's saliva is laced with a corrosive poison, a cocktail of neurotoxins and flurodine, resulting in a often lethal bite. Her Aura can also cause people to be sick.

Hiiragi's Garden Edit

Hiiragi can manipulate biostructures such as plants and can communicate a little bit to animals. She struggles to control this ability, often spawning plants that hold multiple auretic clusters in them such as Sunny Gee and Marvis.

Auretic Shift Edit

Hiiragi, being a green glyph, can shift auras at the expense of exhausting her own energy.