Hazards DnD Edit

Here is a list of modifiers for each Race and element for The Hazards Dungeons and Dragons

Race Edit

Celestials Edit

Celestials get +2 dex, -1 con, -1 int.

Abilities: Fly, resistance to electric and water based attacks, windfury.

Chiros Edit

+ 1 int, + 1 char, - 2 con

Abilities: self illumination, Climb, aura detect. resistance to poisons and Life steal.

Detolings Edit

+ 1 con, +1 str, - 2 wis

Abilities: charge, resistance to sand, stone, bullets and blind.

Frostines Edit

+ 2 wis, - 2 dex

Abilities: Water heals, resistance to ice and water based attacks.

Labaredians Edit

+ 1 con, + 1 char, - 1 str, - wis

Abilities: Natural Barter, Lucky, burrow, resistance to heat and fire.

Plushee Edit

+ 1 con, + 1 int, - 2 str

Abilities: Charm, taunt and confuse. Resistance to poison.

Wolfric Edit

+ 1 dex, + 1 con, - 1 wis, - 1 str

Resistant to Terra and light based attacks. Can return a Terra based attack to an enemy.

Element Edit

Baphomet: Attune to one element. You can switch on a short heal, every half-hour or on a full heal.

Vita: + 2 Char

Terra: + 2 Con

Ignis: + 2 Str

Aer: + 2 Dex

Aqua: + 2 Wis

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