Frostines are a race that came about when human attempts at cloning resulted in the creation of the first frostine,

Chronos. Who eventually went on to create the second, Audrey. Chronos then went on to make more frostines,who are varying clones of himself, this society eventually resulted in the creation of the Times End Association.

Despite being clones of Chronos, frostines vary slightly in appearance and aura as their dna is unstable and their bodies composed almost entirely of water.

Frostines are mostly associated with the Aqua aura.

Appearance and Abilities: Edit

Frostines have the general shape of humans but vary greatly upon a closer look. They have diamond shaped heads with a third eye located on their brow. additionally they have a mouth parting on their chin. their bodies have been adapted to filtering flurodine and have gill like structures along their bodies.


The first frostine was created by humans in an attempt at human cloning. when the ship crashed, all humans on board were eventuall wiped out and Chronos became lonely. using the equiptment used to create him, he created the second frostine, Audrey.

Eventually the two went on to create hundreds more clones and built an entire community on Frostime.

Currently, there are four generations of Frostines.

Characters Edit


  • Audrey
  • Chronos
  • Lox

DND Edit

+ 2 wis -2 dex

Abilities: Blink, transform, resistance to frost and drowning.