Detolings are a race that have mutated from humans with reptile and bovine DNA to become a new species entirely.

They reside on post-apocalyptic earth, scavenging for food and supplies left behind by humans many years before.

They most commonly have the Terra element and usually belong to the Gaian Guardians Faction.

"The tails are technically a skin and bone-mass extension from the top of the neck/head area and not from the waist." - Hiiragi wasabi

Sub-types Edit

Detolings vary depending on their initial environment, for example Detolings born to the desert are generally of the Terra element and reflect this in their aura and appearance.

Detoling types: Edit

IGNIS: Core, Ash, Volcanic Highlands, Volcanic low-grounds, dune

TERRA: dune, Desert Highgrounds, Desert Midlands, wasteland

VITA: Wasteland, sludge, sewage, toxic, cave

AQUA: Cave, deep, Dry stream, Darkside, swamplands

AER: swamplands, voltage, scavenger, factory, test lab, Midnight darkside

Characters Edit

  • Rize
  • Goreng
  • Reid

DND Edit

DND+2 to con -2 dex

mature at 12 die about 150

Preferred faction is Gaian Guardians

Size: Medium

Speed: Normal

Racial Ability: Charge, resistance to explosive damage, blind, concussive damage

Language: Earth (English mostly)