Chiros are a sentient alien race from "The Hazards" Universe, that dwell the planet Chiropterria. They are both protagonists and antagonists in the story and are notable for their technological prowess and scientific breakthrough in Auretic studies.

Appearance Edit

Chiros are humanoid creatures with digitigrade legs. They have many sub-races that define their pattern markings, teeth, claws, pupil shape and overall structure. Chiros generally have long claws that are extrusions from their finger and toe bones. They also have sharp serrated teeth, big movable ears, paw pads on their hands and feet and large irises, generally covering up most of the eye.

History Edit

Chiros evolved from a creature known as the "Guyluccia" and started their adaptation into civilised life very early. The very first Jurassic Chiros (Chirocasa) lived in Peccora around 4,000 BP (Before Presidential). They learned how to make potions and medical pastes to help heal wounds or cure sickness and poison. They eventually started learning how to make better weapons to hunt with. About 3,000 BP, Chiros had evolved to possess smaller figures and less fur.

List of Chiro Races Edit

  • Avaxion
  • Corfvion
  • Jykan
  • Kunan
  • Khinier
  • Khinust
  • Laxan
  • Lupan
  • Myon
  • Naran
  • Pecorra
  • Quotani
  • Revanier
  • Revanust
  • Roumian
  • Yixen
  • Yurak

List of Known Chiros Edit

  • Akarui
  • Aujay
  • Ayrkia
  • Crylow
  • Dare
  • Hiiragi
  • Quiinx
  • Rainbra
  • Xangol
  • Vavrax
  • Zekraviax

Haz DnD Edit

+ 1 intellegence + 1 Char - 2 Constitution

Racial Abilities: Climb, resistance to life steal and poison and have Auretic detection