New to the Hazards? Wanting to get involved?

The Hazards boasts a great small community of friendly users across the world and wed love to get you involved!

A great way to do this is to create your very own Hazards character!

Choosing an Element Edit

It doesnt really matter what order you choose to do this, but for now lets get started with picking your aura.

Whats aura? Aura is an elemental affinity which all living things in the universe possess. You can only Have one though so pick carefully.

There are Five Main aura to choose from:

  • Ignis - Associated with heat and fire. Ignis characters are hot headed and passionate.
  • Terra - Associated with earth and rock. Those of the terra aura often have explosive personalities.
  • Vita - Associated with plants, life and corrosion. Vita characters are usually very lively.
  • Aqua - Associated with water and ice. Those with the aqua element are open and changeable.
  • Aer - Associated with wind and lightning. Characters with the aer element are quick and forceful.

Choosing a Race Edit

Although there are more than five races the most common are:

  • Celestials - bird like creatures who cannot truly fly, but look pretty awesome anyway.
  • Chiros - the furries of the Hazards universe, chiros come in many shapes and colours.
  • Detolings - a lizard-like race of survivors
  • Frostines - Composed almost entirely of water, frostines have three of everything.
  • Labaredians - A bug-like race of enthusiastic hoarders.

Choosing a Faction Edit

The factions in the Hazards universe all have unique styles and goals.

There are currently five joinable factions:

  • Ascendants Reach - A religion focused group who like their fancy robes.
  • Gaian Guardians - a militaristic group wanting to protect planet gaia so it doesnt become barren like earth.
  • Times End Association - Are after an artifact called the 'Time Key'
  • Golden Grasp - they really like money
  • XRX - largely a military force, they made it big when their leader became an empress.