The Celestials are an avian/bird like race that evolved from humans as a result of forced, genetic adaption. The Celestials often dwell in space ships, hovering over planets. They are known as "Resource Parasites" because they tend to take from other planets.

History Edit

When Earth's resources became depleted, the humans branched off into several groups. The first, held the richer and more ambitious humans- who took their families and their riches, leaving their home planet to live out the rest of their days among the stars. But, being human nature, It didn't take long before a rift was formed between the ones with differing belief systems. Debates were held, arguments occurred, the most popular subject of debate contained what method was most suitable, and humane, to adapt with their new life in space. (Humans are fragile creatures, after all.)

Eventually, the more extremest religious groups broke off from the rest, into their own ship dubbed the "Cherubium" lead by their pope, Saint Johnathan Gillahan. There they began to force genetic enhancement upon themselves, they merged with bird DNA in an attempt to appear more angelic, and pursued that one day they would achieve natural flight.

Description Edit

The Celestials of today have evolved to posses great, feathery wings and tail that protrude from their backs. Their fingers and toes have stretched significantly to mimic that of a birds, their fingernails have curled and hardened to accentuate the birdlike talons their appendages have become. Their skin is leathery, and all their hair is a mix of feathers and downy fluff.

Their evolved selves have unfortunately taken a beating in the brain capacity department, a lot of their progression was done with haste and without proper testing. Because of this, many mistakes were passed through the generations. Most Celestials function on basic knowledge only; struggling with new concepts. They follow the words of Saint Jonathan as though he is the voice of god himself.

Celestials breed by laying eggs, this is also an unintended flaw in their development

List of Known Celestials Edit

  • Angelline Gillahan
  • Johnathan Gillahan
  • Hope Gillahan
  • Kable Mesa
  • Amani Quillven

Hazard's DnD Edit

+2 dex -2 Int

mature at 10, die 90

Preferred Faction: Heaven's Door

Size: Medium

Racial Abilities: Glide, Resistance to gust, shock and anchor.

Languages: Human/English

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