Angelline Hannah Gillahan (Angel for short), born of Hope and Johnathan Gillahan, was born roughly, on the 3rd of June. She’s the youngest member of the Glyphs at 19 years old, when she first meets up with everyone. She’s stern, responsible, strong as hell, and won’t sit around taking other people’s crap. Angel is a Lawful Good character at best, and a Lawful Neutral character at worst. She believes in the traditions and cultures of her people and believes in Justice. Angel is mostly African American and British by descent, but also has traces of Egyptian ancestry. Like most Celestials, Angel believes in a Christian-based God, who is spoken of as a peaceful higher being that loves all life. Angel is driven by her religious beliefs, which later, becomes very problematic for other characters. Angel is chaste (due to her religious beliefs), and later decides upon her asexuality. She is not interested in a relationship, but she’ll happily be a ‘wing-man’ for others. Angel doesn’t talk a lot, and tends to take action where it’s needed, but not without precaution. She doesn’t particularly enjoy the company of the other Glyphs all that much, mostly because she sees them as immature babies

Appearance Edit

Angel has dark, grey-brown skin and brown eyes that glow in her aura colour when she is using her auretic abilities, her feathers are white.

She has an average sized, muscular build and wears heavy gold, white and silver armour.

she has aura infused tattoos indicating her religious beliefs along her face, neck and back.

History Edit

Angel, at a young age lost her mother, Hope. Hope was starved to death as punishment by Saint Johnathan (Angel’s father) after he found out Hope was sleeping with another man. Angel was disappointed in her mother for this, and promised her father she would never look back.

For a while Angel spent her days, training as a fierce Guardian for the Space Base they lived in: ‘The Seraphim’. Often this base would roam about the skies, in search of planets and places that had potential.

The Celestials encountered the planet Gaia ages ago, long before Angel was even born; but were stopped repeatedly by Hiiragi and her Chiros, claiming that Gaia rightfully belonged to the Humans. Johnathan offered Hiiragi gold for a small slice of land on Gaia in the Mountain tops. Hiiragi agreed, although concerned as to what may happen.

Something Johnathan found down there drove him crazy. Johnathan would lock himself in his office on The Seraphim, never talking to Angel except only to preach. Angel was heartbroken, but believed that her father had found something that benefited their kind. It was after this event, Angel’s mother Hope began feeling unsafe, which lead her to looking for another man - this man, who Hope fell in love with, offered her a safe place in another faction and comfort, and kindness. That all ended when they were busted.

Angel trained long and hard, trying not to think of her mother’s betrayal or her father‘s distance. Eventually, years passed, Angel did not see her father for a long time and wanted to confront him about it and talk to him about the way she felt. She tried to sneak into his office, after she was refused entry about twelve times. Instead of finding him, she found something else. As she scanned his table, she saw notes and maps and and statues for an idol she presumed was a hellish four armed, snake bodied demon. She saw that on one side of his desk, there was a thick journal and on the other side, a bible. She noticed he was rewriting passages and paths. Changing rules, it seemed, to benefit him and him alone.

Angel sat in the corner of the room crying for a good two hours, until her father trotted in with some sort of strange glowing gem that he was attaching to his crown. As she went to yell at him; for forsaking her and all the Celestials that had believed in him, he showed no care in her speech. She could see it in his hooded and dull eyes. With a click of his fingers, he summoned his guards to take her away to The Seraphim’s prison. The very place where Hope was sent to die. Angel tried to thrash and tear herself out of the grip of the guards’ burly arms. She flapped her wings and screamed. As she did, the guards jolted and dropped her. She had somehow electrocuted them. Angel dashed out of the room and ran to the heart of the Base: Eden. She called fourth everyone in the area.

She spoke of the crime her father had committed. None believed her.

Angel’s disappointment turned to anger. Bolts of purple energy crackled from her body. Her veins lit up like lightning. Her people feared her. About fifty guards approached her - she electrocuted the first ten-to-eleven in defense. And then the next five after that, on accident. Eventually they piled on her, and by the time she had calmed down, they had already secured her into a prison cell.

Days had past, Angel was starving, sitting in a sturdy bird cage. Multiple times, she caused purple electricity to zap the cage, but it’s conductivity caused that electricity to reroute back to her. She was exhausted. She prayed on multiple occasions.

Just as she was about to give up faith, a large piercing sound started getting closer to the prison room. A crash occurred, and a huge ornate crimson and gold ship barged through the walls from the Hangar, smashing the cage Angel was in wide open. Angel broke free, grabbed any and all armour and weapons that she could, and while the pilot of the ship walked off she snuck on. She hid for about 40 minutes, in some blankets in the mysterious ships’ bedroom quarters, ate some of the strange fruit in a bowl to the side and fell asleep.

She was awoken by the shaking of a small metal robot. The Robot introduced themselves as ‘Eps’.

Eps lead Angel into the main part of the ship, where the Pilot; a tiny fat Labaredian was frantically multitasking, flying his ship away from something and tinkering with the very crown that belonged to her father. This was where she met Zul, a treasure hunting pirate.

Zul was escaping the multiple Celestial Ships, shooting at him from behind, swiftly dodging. Angel, of course, demanded that he return it to her father. (no chance of that)

Later, Angel felt like she had no choice to tag along with Zul. Zul at least offered her food and a place to sleep. Zul learned about a time key that is said to be worth infinite credits, because of its amazing ability to take people into a different point in time. Naturally Zul wanted it, and Angel was inclined to go along with him. This later lead them to competing with Hiiragi and Goreng for the same thing, which later leads all four of them to finding Chronos.

Abilities/Weapons Edit