General information
Class Guardian/Engineer
Primary Weapon Spiked hammer
Race Chiro
Auretic colour ffd52e
Element Terra
Auretic tier Byte
Age 35
Planet of origin Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Akarui is a Chiro from the Avaxion slums who teams up with Hiiragi to over throw Crylow. He later becomes the king of Avaxion.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Akarui's background, aside from the fact he came from the slums of Avaxion.

Akarui showed great strength and was rather skilled in making traps. He used these skills to help Hiiragi overthrow Crylow.

Akarui later becomes the King of Avaxion and ends up falling in love with Lox, a sassy frostine.

Appearance Edit

Akarui wears a bright orange bear hood with a black chest plate that is spiked at the shoulders. He also wears ripped black pants and grey sneaker like half-shoes. Akarui also has a gas mask that he wears occasionally before releasing certain traps.

Akarui is an Avaxion chiro born in the month of Tos. He has cyan-blue hair with a fringe and pale orange skin. He also has a short stubby tail that is covered in the same fur as his hair.

Personality Edit

Akarui is a fun loving, over-excitable Chiro who will happily defend his friends and paq at any cost.

Abilities and Weapons Edit